A Brewing Question for You

by Amanda

I’ve never been a huge juice drinker. Growing up, I didn’t enjoy drinking my glass of milk with dinner. I normally saved it until the end, and that’s what I was told I had to finish before I got ice cream for dessert (apparently I didn’t mind dairy in dessert form). And after an epic two-year battle, I’ve overcome my addiction to soda.

But I love coffee. And I love beer.


Yes, I am hugging the beer.

Some of my favorite coffee companies include:

Some of my favorite microbreweries include:

For some unknown reason, I always put my love for supporting small coffee companies in the same category as my love for trying craft beers. Maybe it’s because the two are acquired tastes? Quintessential American beverages? To some degree, adult beverages? I can’t quite figure out the connection, but Starbucks also seems to think there is one since they starting selling both in some of their stores last year.

It’s a strange thing to want to figure out, I know, but it’s actually my assignment for mygasp–last undergraduate journalism piece. So, if you wouldn’t mind, please share your opinion in the comments section. Are you a coffee and beer drinker? Or do you just like one kind of brew? Is there a connection or is the coupling of these two drinks as greatly exaggerated as Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock’s recent love story? Let me know your thoughts below.

Also, feel free to mention some of your favorite beers and coffees. Let’s toast to the good stuff!

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9 Responses to “A Brewing Question for You”

  1. This is interesting! I’m a journalism student as well. What’s the premise of your article? I was a little unsure. I’m neither a coffee nor a beer drinker :( So I wouldn’t be much help. I’m an avid hot tea/ occasional diet cherry pepsi lover though :)

  2. Very interesting! Well, I’m not sure about a connection — it would be interesting to look into the history of the two trades in the U.S. to figure it out.

    If you like small breweries, have you tried Great Lakes? They’re based in Cleveland but their beers are sold in Chicago. Dortmunder Gold is my favorite, but I honestly haven’t had a beer of their that I haven’t liked!

  3. The connection between the two is that they both affect the nervous system. Coffee is a stimulant, alcohol is an anti-depressant. They are both socially acceptable drugs that a lot of people are dependent on to change their mood, and even activities become centered on drinking those beverages; e.g. coffeehouse dates/after-work drinks. That’s how I see it, anyway.

  4. I believe they’re connected because they both encourage socialization. You meet people for coffee, drinks, whatever. And I love it for that very reason! I’m not a coffee drinker but I do love craft brews. Bell’s and Founders, both Michigan based and both widely available in St. Louis, are fantastic. Also, Six Row Brewing Co is one of St. Louis’s newest breweries and they are amazing!

  5. I love coffee. I love (craft) beer.

    I drink coffee sparingly because it usually upsets my stomach. But when I do drink it, I drink it bold and black. I don’t really have a preferred coffee brand though. It’s usually the closet place I can find, however if there is a local shop across the street from Starbucks, I generally defer to the local joint.

    Beer, I love it all. I prefer the local craft breweries (Schlafly, Six Row Brewing Co, Urban Chestnut, et al) but I enjoy the hometown giant Anheuser-Busch too. I don’t have a particular style that I prefer over another. It all depends on what I feel like at the moment.

    I have no idea how they could be connected, but would agree with some of the conclusions drawn above.

  6. I love Microloan Coffee right now (my friend Patrick’s Honduran-based company). http://www.microloancoffee.com/

    I also love craft beers or microbrews. Schlafly is a fave, for sure!

  7. Hmmm, I love coffee and when I gave it up, I literally thought about it every day. I’m definitely addicted to it. I like beer but I like red wine better.

    If you like Guiness, then try an espresso stout. I had one at Rye House in NYC the other day and it was delicious.

    My fave microbrew, is Bell’s Oberon which is from Ann Arbor, Michigan and tastes like a richer Blue Moon.


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