The States of Craft Beer

by Amanda

I’ve professed my love for craft beers already. But when I saw this graphic GOOD magazine put together featuring the most popular craft beers in each state, I had to share. You all know how much I like maps of the United States. To those of you who have never had a craft beer, seek out the winning beer in your state and start there. To those of you who think you don’t like beer, seek out the winning beer in your state and reassess.


[Click to enlarge.]

Did you know that Americans prefers beer as their alcoholic beverage? The rest of the world likes spirits the most. They don’t know what they’re missing.

Have you tried your state’s craft beer? Did the GOOD readers correctly pick “the most awesome, best-tasting, sustainably brewed, independently owned, community-oriented craft beer brewed in your state?”

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8 Comments to “The States of Craft Beer”

  1. Interesting map! I def agree that Bell’s is the biggest beer to come out of Michigan. Founders is a close second though!

    As for Missouri, I suppose Boulevard is a bigger “brand” but Schlafly will always have my heart. And Illinois? I was surprised I didn’t see Goose Island!

  2. This is awesome! I’m from Louisiana, and we loveee our Abita beer! It’s one of my favorites! Can’t wait to try some of the others!

  3. I’ve lived in Ohio, Louisiana and Delaware. I’ve only tried Louisiana’s Abita so far, and it’s sooo good!

  4. This is awesome! Bell’s is in Kalamazoo, and it’s really popular here. Were you surprised that Shlafly wasn’t on MO’s list?

  5. New Glarus Spotted Cow… That is a good one, but there are sooo many good ones from Wisconsin. How could they choose just one??!!

  6. Loved this map. I’m in CA and I can understand why they chose Lagunitas. I’m glad they picked it too because it’s only about 20 minutes from my house – wooohooo!

    As for Oregon, I’m surprised Widmer didn’t win but that’s alright, Full Sail is also good!

    It’s funny Hawaii is Kona Brewing because I’m pretty sure it’s brewed in Oregon at the Widmer Brewery. I went there once for a tour and they had tons of Kona beers. Someone asked and they said they brew it for them.

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