Post-Grad Life: Updating the Context of Eating Up

by Amanda

Dear reader,

Some not-food food for thought.

I admit there has been an absence of posts these past few months due to the all-consuming task of getting my life in order post-graduation. Finally, I have news. And a new direction.

I’m on the move. In exactly two weeks, I will be packing up my apartment in Chicago and headed to St. Louis. While I’ll miss Chicago’s neighborhoods, people and food offerings, I will not miss the cold.

At all.


Why was it 45 degrees the last week of May?

Get me out of here.

I couldn’t be more excited about returning to St. Louis. It has taken me a longggg time to figure out where I wanted to be after graduation. Three years ago, I was moving to NYC. Then I realized I like nature, personal space and the ability to afford food. I next thought Pacific NW for sure (Portland, Seattle). Then I realized I like sun. I like sun a lot. After that, I was convinced Austin was the place for me and everyone else. I honestly should work for that city’s tourism department with the way I talked about it. I went down there in March and had a blast, but coming from Chicago, I was surprised at how small it was and realized how far away I was from my family and friends.

Ultimately, the things I wanted in my city: family and friends nearby, seasons (and warmer weather), affordability, history, professional sports teams, attractions, small town feel in a medium/big place and a growing food movement all led me to my new home. Which was my old home. I place this realization in the category of my life titled: Things You Never Realized How Awesome They Were Until After They Ended/You Didn’t Have Them. Unfortunately, that list is a little longer than I’d like it to be, but that’s not important.

Because we are talking about the present.

The present consists of me graduating college in two weeks with a degree in journalism, a piece of paper that says I love writing so much that I made a public declaration in the form of a diploma that will inevitably hang on some wall somewhere. Maybe my future classroom…cue my transition to announcing my post-grad plans.

I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Teaching for elementary education starting this fall. Becoming a teacher and working in the education system is my cliché millennial decision to “follow my dreams.” Luckily, I don’t have to give up journalism completely in order to do this. I recently accepted a great position at the university I’m attending where I will be working with college undergrads as the general manager of the school’s paper. Journalism + helping teach at an educational institution = dream job.

So that’s my present. And a little preview of my future two years. Now it’s time to edit some of my biographical information on this blog.

Soon-to-be St. Louis food blogger (say hi if you live in STL!)

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31 Responses to “Post-Grad Life: Updating the Context of Eating Up”

  1. yay exciting! isn’t it funny how sometimes our dreams end up closer to home than we’d ever thought?! can’t wait to read about your stL adventures, although i have to say i don’t miss the heat there one bit (i’m a hot weather wimp). we’ll have to meet up if i’m ever back in the area!

    • Growing up, I honestly never thought I’d want to be back in St. Louis after college. Maybe ten years after I graduated, but not for my 20′s! Now, I’m thinking of moving back as a bigger adventure than moving somewhere new and embracing my love for my hometown. Definitely let me know when you’re in town!

  2. Whohoo! Yay for becoming a teacher! And I LOVE St. Louis – how exciting, congrats on the big move!

  3. Omg, congrats girl!! I’m graduating with a BA in journalism this wknd, and I don’t really have a clue what I’m going to be doing this summer besides an internship. But teaching journalism sounds SO ideal! Congrats on the great news and look forward to hearing all about it! :)

  4. Wow! You’ve lived a lot of places! Glad you found where you belong and are getting everything in order:)

  5. Hey! Congrats on your decision to move. I bet it will be full of fun exeriences!! xoxo

  6. moving around, wowzer, cool. oh & you’ll be a teacher in a few years, thats awesome.

  7. Wow! Congratulations, Amanda!

  8. Just found your blog! …. love it (anyone that hugs kitchen appliances is A-ok with me haha) :) – congrats on the move – excited to read more about it!

  9. just wanted to say i really enjoy reading your lovely blog!! <3

  10. how exciting! it sounds like st. louis is the perfect spot for you. and as an nyc resident, i am laughing at your desire for “nature, personal space, and the ability to afford food”–mainly because those are the very reasons i struggle with the city. story of my life ha! it’s total love/hate with nyc. love mostly wins, but i have my days!

    and congrats on graduating, your amazing new job, and your graduate program! such big changes ahead! :)

  11. awww that is AMAZING! it truly sounds like you are figuring out what YOU want to do and the things that make YOU happy and that makes ME happy! best of luck in the transition – if i ever make it to st. louis, you know we are going out for a beer!

    much love,

  12. Welcome back! There is so much goodness about St. Louis – I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far (about 9 months). I’ve met so many awesome people and ate some amazing food :)

    I actually went through undergrad intending to go into journalism. Through a turn of events post-graduation, I ended up in social work. During undergrad though, I had 2 journalism internships and wrote for the Michigan Daily (UM’s student newspaper). So, I feel you about the writing thing! I think the blog is my way of getting it out nowadays.

  13. Hey! Just found your blog through :) Saw your about me that you’re looking for the perfect chocolate chip cookie and I finally found it!! it’s the america’s test kitchen “perfect chocoalte chip cookie” and honestly TDF (to die for :) ) I wrote about it recently. you gotta try it!

  14. I might be moving up to St. Louis in as little as 2 months depending on whether or not my fiance gets a job he’s pretty far long in the process for. He’s from there originally but I’m not so it’ll be quite the change coming from Orlando.. BUT, I’ve visited a bunch and I’ve loved it every time so I’m really hoping that things work out and we get to make our way up there soon :) Congrats to you on following your dreams as cliche as it is to say.

  15. How exciting!! As a fellow STL foodie, I welcome you back with open arms :) I foresee a blogger meet-up in our future…


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